Crepe paper

Crepe paper


Crepe paper is made from recycled paper and has a nice soft feel. It also has a larger volume in terms of hand feel. The biggest advantage is that you need less of this paper and therefore you waste less. In addition, it is made of recycled paper which in most cases ensures that no new trees have to be cut down. It is a paper you can use for multiple purposes. Many people use it to make garlands for birthdays, but you can also make a hat out of it. There are also people who make a fake barbie cake out of it which is done completely in style. Also at Christmas this material is frequently used for making decorations. You can also make beautiful flowers or origami pieces with it.

What can you make from crepe paper?

With crepe paper you can make a large collection of beautiful objects. During Christmas it is used to make life-size pendants in a mall, for example. It is also a fun activity to do with children. For example, you can use it to make the cutest animals in a lot of different colors. It gives a nice effect to the animals unlike normal paper. Many people also use it to make fake flowers that look nice in the interior. There are also many creative people who use it to design clothes for dolls. It is also fun, for example, to make a cake with treats from this material. It's not even that difficult, but it does provide the wow factor. In most cases, you can also choose between different thicknesses. This also allows you to create depth.

What do people use this for?

People use crepe paper for different purposes. For example, in japan there is a lot of origami. These are all different objects or animals that you can make out of paper. There are also people who use it to make artificial flowers from it. You can use it to make flowers that look almost real but don't turn brown in color. You can also use it to make cute mini Christmas trees with the kids. You can also use it to make windlights that you can use both indoors and outdoors. You can also use it to make clothes for the dolls or, for the male variety, bows or a tie. You can also brighten up a child's room with hanging snakes, for example. You can also make cute princess crowns for girls from this. It is a fun way to motivate handcrafting in people.

Crepe paper for children

Crepe paper is mostly used by children. Often this has to do with the fact that children are still motivated to do something with their hands. However, it is also still used in the fashion world. Children often make a crown out of this for his or her birthday. Creative forms are also experienced at a young age. When they get a little older then they often choose to make animals or objects. For example, there are children who choose to make life-like shapes such as a bicycle or a car. The girls among us who often choose a princess castle or clothes for the dolls. What you also see a lot is that they make flowers during Mother's Day from crepe paper for their parents. In addition, swords can also be made from it for decoration.

Making crepe paper creations as you grow up

Even adults are into designing crepe paper creations. This was evident during the corona crisis. So you see the Internet full of the most beautiful color variations in fake artificial flowers. Even entire bouquets can be made with this paper. There are even people who find fake flowers indistinguishable from the real ones. You can also use it to make beautiful and unique bracelets for friends or your children, for example. In addition, origami with animal shapes is also very popular among that target group. It is a material with which you can go in many directions.

Creating a lifelike carrot

For Easter, there is nothing more fun than to give the rabbits made of crepe paper a carrot as well. All you need for this is the colors green and orange of this paper. Of course, you also need scissors and stapler. In addition, you can brighten it up with wrapped candies that you can attach to it with some glue. The idea is to cut a large orange square. Then cut a square from the green part. Depending on the size you want to achieve you do this in the right proportions. From the orange color you make a pointed pocket this you can then attach with a stapler. The carrot is then finished, but of course you also want a crown on top. You do this by folding the green part in half and cutting in from the top. In this way it becomes like a blade of grass which looks exactly like the frizz you want.

Step by step making a flower out of crepe paper

It is important that you start by gathering the right colors of crepe paper for the flowers. You start by cutting 6 equally long strips to make 6 flowers. Then you lay them zigzag on top of each other from the short side so that you get a nice effect. If you want to get a round shape in them you need to cut them round. It is also nice if you have some pointy leaves. For this you can cut angled corners so that you get a real point. If you then unfold the paper again you should do this layer by layer. This way you get exactly the shapes you want. You peel off the leaves, so to speak, and then more and more of a flower emerges. It is also a fun activity to do during rainy days.

Since when has this type of paper existed?

Crepe paper is something that has been used for hundreds of years. It is a type of paper that is widely used during parties and special occasions. In some countries you can even see the whole street decorated during a holiday. However, you have to be careful with wetness because then the colors can quickly run out of this paper. Some countries even make clothes out of it for special celebrations. Also, it is a particularly flammable material so avoid smoking and substances that can cause fire. In Belgium, people even decorate the entire coast with it.

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