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In what ways can you draw with a pencil?


Nowadays, everyone knows the pencil. This is because pencils are very widely used. As early as elementary school you learn to work with pencils. However, for some people it is a bit of a mystery what is possible with pencils. This is because there are many different things you can do with pencils. 

What are pencils?

Pencils are a way to write or draw things on paper. There are different forms of pencils that can be used to write or draw things on paper. It may be helpful to know exactly what pencils are in order to write with them. There are actually two forms of pencils. For example, you have graphite pencils and colored pencils. 

Graphite pencils

One of the possible pencils you can use is the graphite pencil. You probably know a graphite pencil as the normal gray pencil. These pencils can be found in different forms. However, it is always the basis that is the same in these. 

In fact, a graphite pencil is made from a mixture of graphite, clay and water. This is the inside of a graphite pencil. There are a number of ways in which a graphite pencil can be made. This is often the difference in hardness of the pencil. The forms you will come across all consist of graphite, clay and water. 

The different pencils are designated by an H and a B. H means you are dealing with a hard pencil. The B stands for a soft pencil. There is also a middle point to this. This is also referred to as HB. The shapes of a pencil can go up to a degree of 9. So you have pencils from 9B to 9H. In the middle you will find HB. 

A B pencil is a soft pencil. This means that more graphite has been added to the pencil relative to the clay and water. This also causes the pencil to give off a lot more color. If you will gently put it on a paper, you will soon find out that this leaves a very dark line. 

An H pencil is a hard pencil. This means that more clay is used in the pencil. The clay is what makes the pencil harder. Because of this, it also gives off less color immediately. The moment you want to make a dark line, you will have to press harder. 


On the other end of the spectrum, you have colored pencils. A colored pencil is often made from a combination of pigment and some kind of wax. In most cases, kerosene is used for this. Kerosene is a fairly soft form of wax relative to other types of wax that can be used. 

Color pencils come in many different forms. For example, there are different colors that can be used. The colors that can be used depends mainly on the pigment that is used. Furthermore, the more pigment that is used, the stronger the color of a colored pencil is. Because there are different colors to use with a colored pencil, it is also a versatile type of pencil to make use of. 

Many people have a bit of a bad experience with colored pencils. This is because in school you often have to deal with poorly working colored pencils. Usually this is because of the poor release of the color to the paper. In most cases, this is because the pigment is not of good quality. 

However, the colored pencil has continued to improve over the years. This is because the pigment used has become much better. Furthermore, the components of a pencil have become better and better. Of course this does not mean that the poor quality pencils are no longer on the market. These are still widely sold and also used in schools. 

Shapes of colored pencils

Despite the fact that there is actually a general form of colored pencils, with pencil drawing it is also possible to make use of two other forms of colored pencils. For example, in addition to oil or wax pencils, it is also possible to make use of watercolor and pastel pencils. 

Oil or wax pencils are the pencils previously described as colored pencils. This is the form of pencils that is most common and can also be found most often. However, there are two more interesting forms of pencil drawing. 

Watercolor pencils

For pencil drawing, it is also possible to use watercolor pencils. These are pencils that are a lot less known than the oil or wax pencils. However, it can be very nice to use these for pencil drawing. 

A watercolor pencil is so called because the technique used in this is also called watercolor painting. Watercolor is the dissolving of the color given off by a pencil into a watercolor. This makes for interesting applications of the paint. That, of course, is what you are looking for. 

There are several uses for using watercolor pencils for pencil drawing. This is because it is possible to squirt some water on the paper after drawing. However, it is also possible to dip the pencil in some water. Furthermore, you can take some of the lead off of a pencil and mix it with some water. It is also possible to use a watercolor pencil as a normal pencil. 

All the uses of watercolor pencils are very convenient to make use of. This is because you can use all different styles of pencil drawing in this. This is, of course, what you are looking for. This makes it possible to create a form of art for yourself. Many people find this very fun to do. 

Pastel pencils

Finally, it is also possible to use pastel pencils. Many people know the pastel chalk, but not the pastel pencils. However, it is also possible to use pastel pencils. Often these can also be pleasant to make use of. 

Like the pastel crayons, pastel pencils have a powdery texture that is easy to smudge out on the paper. The pencils give a different look than the normal drawing pencils you are used to. At the time when you are looking for a soft look with subtle transitions, it is possible to use pastel pencils. Many people find this very pleasant to make use of. 

Pastel pencils are best bought of high quality. This is because it makes the pencils powerful but soft in color. In order to achieve this, a lot of pigment has to be used. However, this also makes the pencils extra soft. This again can be a disadvantage. This is because it makes them a lot harder to sharpen. 

In what ways can you use a pencil?

There are several ways to use a pencil. Using a pencil allows you to put down beautiful things through pencil drawing. Many people enjoy using this. This is because pencil drawing allows you to create beautiful art. 


The most commonly used form of a pencil is shading. There are different forms of shading used with a pencil. For example, you have parallel and cross hatching. The moment you use these, it is important to place the lines quickly and evenly. This will give you the best effect. 

It is also possible to make shading in the form of circles. This allows you to fill a surface on the paper by means of even circles. Many people find this the most beautiful technique in pencil drawing. This is because you get the most natural effect from this. 

Furthermore, it is also possible to get shading in the form of shadow drawing. Here, the idea is to place the pencil's lead flat against the paper. This makes it possible to use an even layer of color on the paper. By varying the pressure, it is possible to create an even layer of color and different transitions. Many people find this very beautiful. 

The moment you experience problems while shading, chances are these problems could be the streaking effect of shading. If you suffer from this, it may be wise to use a rotary motion. This is because it ensures that the color remains even across the entire paper. 

If you want to avoid this problem altogether, instead of using the tip of the pencil, it is wise to tilt the pencil and use the side of the marker. This is the same technique used in making shadows. It is an easy technique that prevents you from having to deal with a streaky effect. 

Blending colors into each other

At the moment when you are creating a work, it is of course very nice to have the colors blend into each other. This is because it ensures that a work can become a lot more colorful and interesting. Especially the colors that are close together in the rainbow are suitable for this. 

The colors that are close together in the rainbow actually blend together almost automatically. For example, you can choose red to orange to yellow. You can also choose dark blue to light blue to green. This makes it possible to make the colors a whole lot more interesting. 

It is also possible to blend colors into a different shade of the same color. This can also create a beautiful effect. It is also possible to choose a transition from light to dark with the same color. If you approach this in your right way, this is a good form of pencil drawing.

With this, it is not only possible to make it look more interesting and beautiful, because with a transition in colors you also ensure that you get an additional effect. This is because you get a three-dimensional effect. You actually have the effect of light and shadow. 

Combinations of colors

There are different combinations of colors you can use. Using these different combinations can make a work interesting. For example, in most cases it is very interesting to use colors that are not from the same color group or are very far apart in the rainbow. 

So you can use interesting colors like dark green combined with pink or orange with brown. These colors set very much against each other. This is because the colors are very far apart in the spectrum. This gives you an interesting way to showcase your work. 

A good example of this is the color gray. Gray is generally hardly used in pencil drawing. This is because this color comes across as a bit boring. However, it is possible to combine gray with a powerful color such as red. This makes the gray suddenly appear a lot livelier. 

At the moment when you are looking for a color that you can combine with everything, yellow is the best choice. This is because yellow is a color that can give a radiant effect to anything. This also allows you to combine it with all the different colors out there. 

Monochrome drawing

If you want to draw in an interesting way, it is also possible to draw monochrome. Monochrome means one color. Here the intention is also to draw with one color. This color can be used in different shades. For example, you can use very light and very dark shades. 

The moment you draw monochrome, you can make interesting effects with this. Many people therefore enjoy using monochrome drawing. However, monochrome pencil drawing is a technique that is difficult to master. This is mainly due to the way you have to use the pencil. 

Drawing in contrasts

The opposite of monochrome drawing is drawing in contrasts. This is because by doing this you are making a difference between the colors that are there. For example, you can make contrasts like red with green or blue with orange. These are colors that are exactly opposite each other in the color spectrum. 

By using this kind of contrast, it is possible to create beautiful separations in a work. This is because by doing this you can actually create a kind of islands of color. If you use contrasting colors at the boundary, this allows you to properly depict the boundaries of the islands. 

Using colored pencils

During pencil drawing, there are different colors that you can use. However, it is not only wise to look at different colors of pencils that are out there, but you can also look at the different shades of a color that are out there. After all, it is never the case that you only use one shade. 

Therefore, at the time you buy colored pencils, it is wise to have a light, a medium and a dark shade to use with a color. In most cases it is wise to start with the darker pencils. In some cases it is also possible to start with the light pencils, but in most cases this is not very wise to do. This is because the colors do not blend as well as they should. Furthermore, the light color disappears because of this.

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