Padel tennis

Padel tennis is for everyone!


Have you ever heard of Padel tennis? It is a mix of squash and tennis. The padel ball that is used is very similar to a tennis ball but there is a difference. The speed of the ball is less than that of a tennis ball. With padel tennis the serve is underhand, but also diagonal. The ball must also bounce once before hitting the ball. You can also use the walls for serving but be careful because you are not allowed to use the fencing. It is possible that the ball is served too tight. If it hits the fence, it means that a second service is required. In padel tennis you have one goal and that is to hit the ball over the net into the opponent's court. The ball may not hit the walls first!

You want to prevent the opponent from being able to hit the ball back. You want to prevent your opponent from hitting the ball back, but be careful because the ball will only stay in play if it first hits the ground and then a wall. This can be very exciting if you play this way, as it will make for a longer rally and more fun. You will need some tactics while playing, the ball can also come back to you and how are you going to react to that? When you are looking for a padel racket you should take a good look at what you are looking for. There are different types of players such as beginner, intermediate and experienced. 

Tennis courts

Tennis courts are about the location where the game takes place. You play it with four people on a rectangular court. The court is about ten meters wide and twenty meters long. The court is also surrounded by walls. Usually the walls consist of glass and fencing. If you want to play padel tennis you will need a padel racket and a padel ball. The walls are used while playing, strength is not important while playing. Everyone can play this sport and it is also a social activity, because you have to play with several people. In terms of scoring, it looks like regular tennis, so 15, 30, 40, deuce and then game and advantage. Usually it is best of 3 sets. 

Padel tennis rules

There are a few rules of the game that you need to know about padel tennis:

  • You will play two against two on the padel court.
  • The walls may be used during play, but there are exceptions to this!
  • You should always play a serve underhand and the ball should bounce once before hitting the fence.
  • You play best of 3 sets, the scoring of tennis is used when playing padel tennis. 

It is a fun social activity that you can easily teach yourself. This way you can have a nice game of tennis with your friends or family. More and more people discover the sport and find out that it is really fun to play. You are fighting amongst yourselves, but also playing together. It is nice to go out together, to be social and to work on your condition. A good time to find out what the sport has to offer you. Keep the rules of the game in mind and then you can quickly see whether you are a star in it or just need some practice. 

A few more facts

A few fun facts in a row before you start playing:

  • You call the outside of a padel racket a profile.
  • The profile provides resistance and strength. 
  • A standard racket profile diameter is 38 mm. 

Pay attention to the wide range of equipment available when buying. You have materials for beginners and also for experienced players. Often you can tell by the price, so first get acquainted and see what the sport can bring you.

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