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Pine nut tree


The pine nut tree is actually a pine tree from which the pine nuts are extracted. You cannot find the seeds easily because they are well hidden under the scales. When the pine cones fall off the tree, they are ready to be harvested. Finally, the pine nuts are also cracked and de-skinned. Not every pine tree has edible pine nuts so don't just start here. Because there are many processes involved, the pine nut is also so expensive. However, it is a delicacy eaten by more and more people.

What is a pine nut tree?

A pine nut tree can grow in any climate. However, it is most delicious if you have pine nuts from Italy. These are the richest in flavor and are also used in most restaurants. Meanwhile, we can't think of it away from our salad or carpaccio, for example. A fun fact is that for an ideal yield you have to wait 25 years for the pine cones to grow to a good size. When they are nice and big you can fully enjoy the delicious supply of pine nuts. Partly for this reason, it is also a relatively expensive product. Throughout Europe you can find 23 varieties that are edible and are also sold in most supermarkets. Usually you can also see in the store the origin of the product.

What do they look like?

The pine nut tree is a tall tree that releases large pine cones after 25 years. These provide the best and tastiest pine nuts. There are several species of pine that produce edible kernels. However, you can taste the difference in the taste and which country they come from. This is also noticeable in the wallet because the Italian ones are usually the most expensive. These are also the tastiest. The pine nuts are hidden under the scales of the pine cone. In Europe we usually have pine nuts from the Pinus pinea. In contrast, Pakistan uses the Pinus Gardenia. The yellower seeds you ever see often come from South Korea where they grow the Pinus Koraiensis. These often have a more bitter taste so not everyone likes them.

Planting the Pine Nut Tree for a Healthier Lifestyle

Real pine nuts that come from the pine nut tree are packed with healthy nutrients and vitamins. A good example is Vitamin E which this legume contains plenty of. They also contain plenty of Vitame B in various degrees. This has a positive effect on both the growth of (young) adults and the processing of nutrients. In addition, this also seems to improve the performance of the nervous system. The vitamin E is again used to keep your cells healthy by the antioxidant that this vitamin contains a lot of. It also improves your cell metabolism, making you feel better about yourself. Of course, they are also packed with minerals that have a supporting factor for bones and muscles, for example. They also contain a lot of iron which is good for the development of red blood cells. It also contains magnesium which in turn provides the good signals to send to the brain. Your immune system is also improved by the large amount of zinc.

Where can these trees be grown?

The pine nut tree is grown almost everywhere in Europe. Of course, the tastiest pine nuts come from Italy because of the Mediterranean climate present there. It takes as many as 25 years for the pine cones to reach the right size. Then they also have to fall off the tree before they can be harvested. Then the scales are removed because pine nuts are protected and hidden underneath. Then the brown membrane is removed from the pine nut so that it gets that beautiful beige color. At that point they are ready to be shipped. This then happens a lot around the world. You see pine nuts a lot in salads and Asian dishes. However, you can eat them with everything because they are full of minerals and vitamins.

A Pine nut tree for the tastiest dishes

Depending on which pine nut tree the pine nuts come off, a dish can be made. Surely the most popular is the salad which is often enriched with an extra handful. In addition, you often see it on top of carpaccio at restaurants. You can also make delicious pasta with it, such as pasta Boursin with pine nuts. In addition, it is also increasingly popular in the Netherlands to mix through the meatball. Of course, a pesto is also not complete without a handful of delicious pine nuts. They are also increasingly used with fish dishes such as salmon. It also fits into a healthy lifestyle because it is packed with minerals. In addition, you will also find a lot of vitamins B and E in it which in turn is good for the body.

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