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When you are looking for a border collie pup, it is important to look for a good border collie breeder. There are a lot of things you want to know first to make sure you have a good feeling with the breeder. That is why you should prepare yourself well and ask a lot of questions when you visit the breeder. The breeder will take some time for you and ask you some questions. A responsible breeder has a litter once in a while and wants the best for the puppies, so he will also ask you how long you are away from home, how the family situation is composed, what you want to do with the dog, for example obedience training, or do you really want to go into the sports world? 

Border collie breeder orientation 

It is important that the breeder has passion for the breed. They will often raise a litter with love in the domestic circle. Make sure the kennel you want to buy a puppy from is a member of the breed association. It is often useful to take a look at several border collie breeders to get an impression of what you can expect and compare it with each other. There is a big chance you will end up on a waiting list, but that usually means it is a good breeder. People like to wait because they want a puppy from one of their dogs, e.g. because of its nice character. If you are on the waiting list, you can ask how long you have to wait at the border collie kennel. You can always apply at several places and you can be honest about that with the breeder. 

Border collie kennel visits

A good border collie breeder may visit you before you get a puppy. It is important to get acquainted, so you can see the motherdog and see what the character is like. It also gives you a first impression of how the puppies will grow up during their first eight weeks. A border collie kennel can have several dogs, but make sure they breed responsibly and ask a lot of questions during your visit:

  • Where are the border collie puppies born?
  • What do you do to socialize the puppies?
  • Who is the father dog and is he here too?
  • Can we see the pedigree of the parents?
  • How much does a puppy cost?
  • What kind of character do you expect from the puppies?
  • Are the dogs suitable as working dogs/sports dogs?
  • Are there any hereditary diseases known to the parents? If so, which?
  • How often may we come and see the puppies?
  • When can we come and watch?
  • Do the puppies get enough interaction with people and other animals?
  • How many litters is this from the mother dog?

Important questions where you can think about and you can ask them when you visit the kennel.

Cuddling Border Collie puppies!

When the border collie puppies are born, you look forward to visiting the border collie breeder soon. You are curious to see how your little one looks and you want to visit them every week to see how fast they grow and what developments they make. A good breeder doesn't allow visitors during the first weeks, and lets the motherdog get used to the puppies and educate them. Often people are admitted from four weeks onwards and if the mother dog lets them, they can visit the puppies. 

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